Review your life insurance policies.

That is what Damian Maginn, commercial director at InSynergy Solutions Ltd, the life insurance specialist is recommending.

He says that many of us buy policies when we take out our mortgages and then forget all about them, unaware that the costs have soared.

InSynergy claims to be able to save people money by working with clients such as LV= in Bournemouth.

Established just two years ago, InSynergy is now dealing with between 50 and 100 new customers every month and demand for its services is so strong that the firm now employs 20 staff and is having to move premises.

“We went into protection at the right time – customers are wanting to save money,” Mr Maginn said, adding that turnover is forecast to have risen from £250,000 in the first year to £700,000 and it is profitable.

InSynergy is now relocating from Arena Business Centre in Poole to premises of twice the size at Hamilton Court, Alum Chine Road, Westbourne and plans to recruit 15 more staff within the next few years.

The business is investing £40,000 in its move, which includes buying new servers, moving walls and decorating. It is working with Copyrite, the Wimborne photocopier specialist while Signsense in Parkstone will produce the signage for the new premises.