STAFF at a health insurer have become the faces of its latest recruitment campaign.

The employees at Health-on-Line in Bournemouth feature in a campaign with the theme Careers That Have Transformed Lives.

Sales manager Louis tells how his job enabled him to buy a house at 26, Kingsley talks of visiting six continents and Fiona speaks of three promotions in five years.

Vicky Capron, HR and recruitment manager at Health-on-Line, said: “It’s not every day you’re asked by your employer to be the voice of its recruitment drive but at Health-on-Line we enjoy celebrating the individual success our staff have experienced.”

The campaign runs throughout March and April, with adverts in Bournemouth and Poole and a social media campaign.

Health-on-Line has gone from 80 employees in 2012 to more than 400 now and is now part of AXA.