THE girl who became the face of Dorset’s famous children’s food brand Organix has returned to the company years later.

Rebecca Blunt was three years old when she posted with a bunch of carrots in 2008.

Her photo was used in adverts and brochures for the children's and baby food range and is still used by the company.

Rebecca, now 11, visited the Organix office in Bournemouth to come face-to-face with her younger self as part of the company’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

Rebecca’s late granddad Richard was an early adopter of the Organix “dirty dozen” card, which listed good foods to eat and those to avoid.

The card had a big impact on Richard and ultimately the whole Blunt family, who now grow their own veg – including carrots – and keep free range chickens.

Rebecca is a keen cook and makes her own Yorkshire puddings known locally as Aunt Bekkie’s Yorkies.

Organix is marking its 25th anniversary by publishing its first sustainability report, Making Things Better, which tracks its progress across 19 key areas.

The company has also written a letter to children of future generations, pledging to keep improving and challenging the status quo.

Orgnaix was founded by Lizzie Vann, with the mission “Pure food, healthy babies, safer world”. It went on to pioneer healthy food and lobby government and the food industry through a series of campaigns.

Its recently appointed managing director, Philipp von Jagow, said: “Organix has always been at the forefront of the organic movement, pushing boundaries and challenging the industry to make healthy nutritious food mainstream.

“Sustainability is embedded in everything we do so this report is a very fitting way to mark our anniversary. We set the standard with our No Junk Promise and we will continue to be a pioneer, creating even more foods with nutritional benefits, meeting children’s needs as they develop and grow and encouraging a lifelong love of good food that goes beyond just healthy snacks and finger foods.

“Above all we will continue to campaign for better children’s food, calling on the government, the food industry, retailers and consumers to join with us to make change happen.”