THE head of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has told Dorset firms he is “pushing back” against “less than friendly” attitudes towards business.

The lobby group’s director-general, Adam Marshall, discussed Brexit and economic growth and urged business people to fight their corner.

He addressed members of Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) at the Italian Villa in Poole.

The BCC represents 52 chambers nationally, including Dorset’s.

Dr Marshall said: “Over the last few weeks and months, you may have seen the opprobrium and less than friendly attitudes come towards business.

“We’re pushing back against that very hard because what I see in chambers over and over again are businesses who are great citizens in their communities, businesses who care very much about their people, and would do anything for their workforce.

“These are businesses who pay their tax bills and are making contributions back to the place where they do business because they know that their own success is only going to be as strong as the places where they live and work.”

He said the BCC was gaining traction in discussions with cabinet ministers about practical issues affecting businesses relating to Brexit.

Other priorities include boosting local growth and domestic economic policy, covering issues such as roads congestion, broadband speeds and mobile signals.

He added: “Together we can campaign to get real changes on things that matter to business because our strength is in numbers.

“Being part of DCCI means you’re part of a business community and part of something bigger as well.

“With 52 chambers, 75,000 businesses employing five million people around the UK, we are a force when we work together.”

More than 100 guests attended the Ivestec Wealth & Investment sponsored event, including DDCCI president Vincent Boni.

Chief executive Ian Girling said: “Adam is a superb speaker and offered some compelling insights into the work of the BCC at a national level.

“The BCC is clearly doing a tremendous job and our thanks to Adam for coming to visit DCCI and speak to our members.”

DCCI has 800 members who employ more than 37,000 people.