TWO personal trainers and former bikini model competitors have launched their own “body transformation” business.

Your Contour produces training plans, information, recipes and online support for women looking to improve their fitness.

It was devised by Lynsey Naden, from Bournemouth, and Hannah Bright, from Poole. They say they had both tried every diet, plan and regime they could before deciding to create something that would work for them.

Lynsey said she had fallen into bad eating habits with little exercise after splitting with her long-term partner, so she set out to educate herself on nutrition.

She said; “I had gotten into some really bad habits without really realising, which I think a lot of women can identify with. I knew I had to give myself a big push to get back to feeling healthy and – more importantly – happy.”

She teamed up with Hannah, who had returned from Australia and was looking to turn her passion for fitness into a career.

They created a business which aims to figure out which fitness approach is best for the individual, with workouts aimed everyone from the busy mother to the working woman.

They said they said a ‘summer body transofrmation plan’ had been particularly popular. The 12-week plan includes eating guides, workouts, meal planners and access to videos and diet information, allowing the individual to work out what works for her.

The pair wrote: “‘We love seeing our clients completely transform, but it’s not just physically – it’s mentally. In fact, that’s the best thing - seeing the negative thoughts melt away and having these wonderful women realise their potential and become these positive, happy and living-life-to-the-full people.”

Their customers function as a community to support and motivate each other.

“We’re floored everyday by the sheer determination of so many of our clients – even when things aren’t going smoothly, it’s the community that helps to bring so many people back on track,” the pair wrote.