WHILE energy prices among the ‘big six’ suppliers only seem to rise, a Bournemouth-based firm says it is the only one in the UK to cut its rates.

iSupply Energy says it was already the cheapest fixed-deal electricity supplier in the country and it is now offering “even better prices”.

Alex Gow, from the firm, said: “In line with our policy to follow the wholesale market down, we reduced the price of our 12 month fixed electricity product by nearly three per cent.

“The reason we can react quickly to the forward wholesale market trend is that we own our own technology and pricing decisions are made simple by our size.

“We have consistently been offering the cheapest fixed deal available over most if not all regions since we launched in August 2012.”

iSupply Energy says it will continue to reduce prices if wholesale rates fall further.

Alex added: “No other suppliers are reacting this quickly or following this trend in reducing their prices.”