RELIEVED staff said business is going well a month after their jobs were saved at a major Boscombe shop.

The Peacocks store in the Sovereign Centre was closed when the chain went into administration.

However it had an unexpected reprieve after being bought out by Edinburgh Woollen Mill and nine employees were taken back on.

Manager Maria Jones said: “I was quite shocked to be honest – after four weeks closed we thought it was the end of that chapter.

“It was quite a relief for everybody to be taken back on. The public have been really pleased to see us back.

“It has been going well, though it’s a quiet time of year for retail at the moment. The store is exactly the same as it was – the prices and quality are the same.”

The reopening brought a large unit back into use.

Lucy Mitchell of New River Retail, owners of the Sovereign Centre, said: “The store had been one of the strongest performers in the area for Peacocks.

“It is a welcome confidence boost for the Sovereign Centre and indeed the town.”

A total of 388 Peacocks stores around the country closed in February after the firm went into administration.

Edinburgh Woollen Mill bought out 244 stores including Ringwood – but later added Boscombe and Parkstone to its portfolio.