A NEW energy supply firm based in Bournemouth is taking on the UK’s big boys.

iSupplyEnergy, which has offices in the town centre, is a sister company of Gilmond Consulting, which already supplies software and support to the energy sector.

Now it has decided to launch its own supply company and says, despite being only a few months old, that it is consistently top of the price charts.

It is taking on the so-called Big Six suppliers, along with about five others nationwide.

Around 20 jobs are supported in Bournemouth by iSupplyEnergy and Gilmond.

Sales and marketing manager Alex Gow, pictured, said: “We’ve got a slick operation, using technology to do things and we can keep prices down.

“It’s an online, self service, approach. There’s no confusing discounts or cash back offers and we don’t have teams of people on the phone.

“We’re doing pretty well so far, so we think that the price approach is working.”

The firm is also managing fee-in tariff payments from Ofgem to clients such as Poole Housing Partnership, and hopes to offer gas supplies soon.

Alex added: “We’re the cheapest in the country, it’s that simple. We’re a local business, we’re not owned by anyone else, it’s four of us who have put this together.

“We employ local people and the money stays in the local economy. Our aim was to get to the top early on; otherwise we would just be another supplier that nobody has heard of.

“One of the challenges for us is to encourage people to change – and price is one of the biggest drivers in that.”

Also in the future the company hopes to offer 100 per cent green energy, sourced directly from those producing it from renewable sources.

Another idea it has is to launch a tracker product, where tariffs follow the wholesale price.

“Nobody else has done this and it will be brand new for the domestic market. We will be interested to see what effect that has on the Big Six because they will not like it,” said Alex.