A YOUNG entrepreneur who has been part of nine businesses since the age of 15 has set up his own communications agency.

William St James, 23, has established St James Studio at THIS Workspace, in the Daily Echo building in Bournemouth.

He is leading a team delivering advertising campaigns, content, branding and digital services for national retailers and brands.

Mr St James said: “Starting St James Studio was the by-product of a long held ambition to build and run my own business.

“Since the age of 15,I have been a part of nine different businesses, all of which have led me to where I am today, where I can honestly say I have the coolest job in the world.

“After years of not being happy working for someone else in various marketing roles, despite moving up the ranks quite quickly, I hit a wall and decided that it was very much now or never.

“I could either sit here for 10-20 years and continue dreaming of forging my own path in life and making an impact with my work, or I could get up go for it.

“So last August, I quit my last 9-5 job, and set up shop offering marketing services to a number of clients in the local area. After a prolonged period of business growth, I’m now working with a number of national retailers, as well as local brands to deliver advertising campaigns for TV, social media campaigns, branding, digital and design services across a range of industries.”

The business was backed by a Virgin Startup loan last year which helped it win bigger clients and deliver more services.

Mr St James said: “With a number of projects under our belt, and having had the opportunity to work with some of Bournemouth’s most exciting creative talent, we’re now focussing on growing the business further.”

It is bringing more resources in-house, offering services such as chatbots, virtual reality, aerial content capture and 360-degree imaging to up-and-coming brands.

Mr St James said: “With this push, we will be launching a number of adverts, geared towards showing the world more of what we do, and why St James Studio is the best fit for their business, whether they are seeking out world domination, or just looking to make a big beautiful dent in their local area.”