THE co-founder of the world’s most popular YouTube food channel will join a software entrepreneur to inspire start-up businesses.

Launching and monetising an online business is the theme of the next Virgin StartUp event, Screw it, Just Do It! on Wednesday, 6-8.30pm, at THIS Workspace in the Daily Echo building.

Jamie Spafford is a Bournemouth University graduate and co-founder of SORTEDfood, which has more than two million followers.

Jamie was one of several old school friends who would meet in the pub to share stories of university life. They began to swap recipe ideas and began sharing what they learned online.

Eight years later, the business is based in a London studio and in rented Winnebagos in the US, Europe and beyond, with followers sharing thousands of comments, pictures, emails and stories about how the cookery trips have affected their lives.

Software businessman Ander Walker is currently on his fourth start-up. His last one, Clicktools, grew from three people to more than 50 and was partly acquired by SurveyMonkey before being bought by the global firm Callidus.

The Virgin StartUp events invite world-class entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups to share their experience to an audience of entrepreneurs.

There are three networking opportunities during each evening.

Tickets, for Screw It, Just Do It!, from £10, can be bought via