A SUCCESSFUL events company has set up an offshoot hiring out the props and furniture it creates.

Innovative Hire was launched by Seventa Events, which has worked with major brands such as Lush, LV= and Rugby 7s.

Wallisdown-based Seventa says the hire company also helps make its core business more environmentally sustainable.

Senior event producer Stuart Hartley said: “We do a lot of events ourselves. We’ve done it for corporate clients, for the public and all different types of events.

“From that there’s always been a need for us to have a range of furniture – bars and themed items – so we have this really cool collection of items which are sitting in our warehouses.

“We realised rather than just putting them in our warehouse, there are a lot of people who just want to hire an item and run the event themselves. We’re just now making that collection available to more people.”

The items for hire range from themed props such as deck chairs and surf boards, to cocktail bars and the Alpine Lodge that Seventa created for last year’s Christmas market in Bournemouth.

Mr Hartley said other events companies could be among the potential customers, along with corporate clients.

“It could be events companies, hotels, private people, a lot of different people,” he said.

“We wanted to make it available to more people because it’s such a waste otherwise.”

He said the venture could help Seventa’s main business to be environmentally sustainable.

“One thing we’ve always tried to do is make everything reasonably recyclable,” he said.

“There’s a lot of waste in the events industry and we never like to see that. If we have the option to build something, that’s more expensive but we always like to do that.”

Its props and sets are often made form “upcycled” materials, with furniture made from scaffolding and poles, trestle tables and pallet materials, he said.

“Its a completely original business in the local area as there are currently no other furniture hire companies that focus on what we do,” he added.