THE Marks and Spencer food store in Westbourne has been granted permission to install a food collection locker.

The self-service locker would be located outside the store in Seamoor Road, just to the left of the car park entrance, allowing customers to pick up goods bought on the internet.

A report by Bournemouth council planning officer Steve Davies, granting approval, states: "I do not consider that the locker will be intrusive and as such is unlikely to cause any residential amenity issue.

"The only possible concern would be the potential for late night collection.

"However, the nature of the use is likely to be quiet with persons arriving simply to unlock the box to retrieve their package.

"In this location, I do not envisage any likely or significant nuisance.

"As a side issue there could be concerns with personal safety for persons collecting packages."

The store will have to install a CCTV camera to cover the locker, according to the conditions for the planning permission.