A MARKETING company has launched a studio where businesses and individuals can create their own video and photography.

Create Studio is based on the Bournemouth premises of Top Cat Media Group.

The agency can provide lighting and the services of a set designer, as well as recommending make-up artists, food stylists and agencies for casting and modelling.

Creative director Daniel Butler said: “We’re aiming to support the smaller operators in town with a modern facility including an infinity cove and a green screen, with a wide range of backdrop options. We can provide as much or as little support creatively to help users get the most from their time here.

“More and more businesses appreciate the need for high quality video these days, mainly for use on their digital channels, which are simply great for engagement with their customers.”

Top Cat Media managing director Ross Taylor said: “We believe we’re the first agency in town to have their own fully operational video and photographic studio in house. We’re helping a very wide range of businesses and public sector organisations in many a varied ways with all elements of the marketing mix, both digital and offline.”