THE inventor of a business delivering boxes of cured meats through the post has chosen Bournemouth as the place to launch it.

Jesse Rees devised, which offers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription packages for lovers of charcuterie and meat snacks.

He had successfully run software companies and digital marketing services and was based in Cambridge when he hit on the idea for the new business.

“Basically, I got fed up with making other people successful all the time,” he said.

He was enjoying a drink with a friend at the Brewhouse & Kitchen in Southbourne when he sampled charcuterie snacks at the bar.

The experience eventually led to him creating Meatbox, which sources snacks from UK suppliers and puts them together in a range of packages.

The six Meatbox selections include a Protein Power Boxes aimed at gym users, a Connoisseur’s Charcuterie Box from family-run specialists and a Beer Snack Box to accompany drinks. Subscriptions start at £16 a week.

Mr Rees chose to run the business from a base near Boscombe seafront.

He said it was harder to recruit among the young people in Cambridge. “They don’t quite get the work ethic so it’s really hard to source the people,” he said.

“Another big reason for being in Bournemouth was we’ve got the colleges here and we’ve got great graduates coming out of them.

“If I put an advert out, I’m going to get 50 applications and in Cambridge I was lucky to get one or two and they would be unsuitable.”

Since January, he has found suppliers, designed packaging and marketing materials and set up a website. The business consists of him, an investor and a small number of freelance workers.

“We’ve got a distribution company at Blandford which does pick-and-pack but initially I’m doing a lot of it myself,” said Mr Rees.

As well as marketing online, the low-fat, high-protein products are being promoted through a partnership with Bournemouth Rugby Club, and at events at local gyms.

Meatboxes are currently sent out via Royal Mail. “It’s easy-in, easy-out,” said Mr Rees.

“If you want to sign up for one box, for one week, and pay £8 instead of £16, you can do that.”