A PAIR of reality television fans have found a way to make an income from showing people where they can buy the outfits seen on Love Island.

Zoe Hall and Lauren Medcraff started the Instagram page Reality Fashion Hunters last September, intending to help people find any outfit they were interested in.

The popularity of ITV2’s Love Island led to hundreds of people wanting to know where they could get the clothes they see on the show.

The Instagram page shows where to buy the outfits, and in many cases the pair receive a commission when the customer orders through their links.

“We both have full time jobs so we have to do it in the evenings,” said Lauren.

“When we set it up, we just did it for fun, but as time’s gone on we got a small commission from outfits that are bought from certain websites.”

Zoe said: “We make sure the majority of outfits from the evenings episode are on our page by midnight.

“Any outfits we miss, we usually get requests for.”

The aim is to show exactly the same item that the celebrity is wearing on TV.

Lauren said: “We aim for that, but sometimes either that will be sold out or we haven’t been able to find the exact one so we try and get an alternative.

“It’s mostly high street, which perhaps is surprising. A lot of people think celebrities are wearing some really expensive brands whereas they’re actually not half the time.”

The clothes that are most popular are probably those worn by Dani Dyer, she said. “Everyone wants her dresses and her outfits,” she added.

The pair also aim to answer individual queries, and currently have a queue of around 200.

Zoe, 24, a graphic designer from Ringwood, and Lauren, 23, a teaching assistant from Verwood, are both keeping their day jobs and don’t know whether the Instagram idea could become a full-time living.

“It would be nice. I’m not 100 per cent sure,” said Lauren.

“It’s depends how it grows and if it’s scalable. Certainly it would be lovely because it’s something we’ve been enjoying.

“People get a lot from it. Everyone wants to know where the latest celebrity outfits are from.”

Zoe said: “We love how we can make someone’s day.

“We even had a direct message from a follower saying something along the lines of ‘I messaged you asking for an outfit at 10am, you replied at 1pm with the outfit, at 1.30pm I bought the outfit and the following day at 10am the outfit arrived on my door’.

“Messages like this really make us feel that we’re doing a great job and giving something back to our followers.”