A TECH company in Bournemouth is making bus travel easier by innovations which remove some of the traditional frustrations of public transport.

The software business Passenger, a subsidiary of Base, makes mobile apps, kiosks, big screen displays and websites.

It provides Yellow Buses’ mobile app and website, along with a feedback option in the menu to shape future projects.

The company aimed to remove problems which it found were discouraging both regular passengers and first-time bus users – including counting out change and waiting for buses that may not be turning up.

Its app, available on iOS and Android, has received four stars from users in towns such as Bournemouth, Cardiff, Reading, Nottingham and Blackpool – against its competitors’ average of two stars.

Tom Quay, founder of Base and chief executive of Passenger, said: “With over 154,000 happy customers using the app in June alone, and nearly 15,500,000 tickets bought since we launched, I think we’re starting to see the fruits of our labour ripen.

“It’s been hard work getting to where we are today, and we’ve so much more to come but seeing real users getting on and off the bus using an app built here in Bournemouth is very humbling.”

The company said: “With traffic congestion becoming a real issue on roads everywhere, it comes as no surprise that operators up and down the country are seeking options such as those offered by Base and its Passenger product to help raise the profile of public transport options as real alternatives for the everyday, and occasional user.”

The company says it has always sought to encourage social change and aims to reduce the number of cars on the road.

“It’s thought that with less congestion, buses can move faster, and more regularly which would then open the option up to those put off by the current journey times or poor coverage,” it added.

The company’s Westbourne office started with three staff and currently has 18, and is looking for more software developers.

Passenger products will soon be available in Europe and beyond.