A GROUP of art students have taken over an empty shop in Bournemouth town centre and re-opened it as a pop-up art gallery.

Arts University College at Bournemouth undergraduates have teamed up with Bournemouth Town Centre BID to create the new installation, called Drop Project, which will be open for three months.

Ashley Peevor, president of the Students Union, said: “It is going to be a collection of multiple exhibits, theatre, catwalk shows, costume performance, cinema screenings and more.

He added: “Bournemouth feels like its lacking something to bring the community together at grass roots level, and we want to show what we do at the Arts University College to residents of Bournemouth.

“It has been funded through fundraising, my work at the Students Union and with help from Bournemouth Town Centre BID.

“We have completely re-done the place, and replaced the broken front window at our own expense for our exhibition.

“Then the downstairs area will be a live project space, where students can come and work, we can host the cinema screenings and it can be a performance space. Gregg Dunnett, Manager of Bournemouth Town Centre BID, said: “It’s a really good tie-in for us.

“The students were keen to get a space to use in the town centre and we were aching for someone to use the shop for something for the community, this is such a great idea.”

“These people work hard for three years at their arts degree and then it may only get seen by other students and their families.

“It is a really good experience for them, and a way to show the public what they do.

“We liked it because it’s something different and another reason for people to visit the area.”

Opening hours for the shop are Monday to Friday from 11am – 6pm and on Saturdays from 10am – 5pm.