A MOTHER and daughter from Weymouth have entrepreneurship in their blood – but figures suggest more than half of women in the region are not taking the leap to start their own ventures.

Data indicates 60 per cent of women in the south west dream of starting their own business to improve their work and life balance but have never taken the leap into entrepreneurship. This is because it seems too complicated or women are too scared to make the jump.

In response to the findings, Avon Cosmetics, with the support of Emma Jones from Enterprise Nation, has committed to inspire 50,000 new digital entrepreneurs with the launch of a new online platform.

My Avon Store provides a ready-made business, giving everyone the confidence, tools and support they need to get started.

A family from Weymouth definitely have entrepreneurship in their blood. Gail Reynolds and her daughter Libby are reaping the benefits from launching their own Avon business.

Gail, a sales leader, said: “The Avon online store has been a crucial part of my business and personal sales growth.

“My established customers love the flexibility of buying at their leisure and I have already found eight brand new customers since sharing my online store on social media sites too.

“People are joining my team based on the fact they can now earn money both traditionally and online.

“It’s a win win for everyone involved in Avon.”

The survey also found only 28 per cent of women enjoy their work at all times with one in three saying they are “constantly unhappy.”

Nearly 50 per cent of women in the region have looked into starting a business but gave up because it seemed too complicated.

Libby, who set up her own business on her 18th birthday in 2012 was inspired by the success of her parents.

She said the business has been an immediate success, which has seen her recognised at two national events in just six months of operating, with the Direct Selling Awards coming on the back of recognition at Avon’s Leadership Live awards.

Libby said: “My new online store enables me to even earn while I sleep.

“Lots of my friends and customers are online and so the store provides them with a way to shop at times which suit them.

“I have a blog and social channels on which I profile my Avon business and so this seems like the natural next step.”

Libby said she hoped sharing her story would encouraging other young adults in the local area to follow their dreams and ambitions, even if they are not what society expects of them.