WATCH what you wear at work. That is the advice of Gill Eastgate, director at NKD Clothing, which manufactures stylish corporate clothing.

In her style guide, which considers what not to wear in the office, she advises women to avoid wearing low cut tops and short skirts at the same time but does not rule out wearing them separately.

Despite the cold weather, both sexes are advised not to resort to wearing jeans, boots and warm woolly jumpers either.

And according to her “anything that resembles gym or yoga kit” is strictly for the weekends.

“The same rule applies to sloppy summer wear,” she says. “Flip-flops are great for the beach but shouldn’t walk their way into office wardrobes. Gnarled toes, reptilian hard skin, siren red nail polish and dodgy toe rings do not look good in the boardroom. Wiffy feet don’t go down too well either.”

She adds that trainers should be kept at home too.

“Heels are another sticky area,” she says. “They can look great with a well cut suit but think Michelle Obama rather than one of the members of the Pussy Cat Dolls.

“There is nothing worse than teetering around the office in barely-able-to-walk sandals. Stumbling towards your desk won’t inspire confidence and doesn’t look professional.”

In her opinion clothing should be wrinkle free. “It takes two minutes to iron a shirt so there should be no excuses for nasty creases,” she says, adding that “torn, dirty, or frayed clothing is also unacceptable”.

Gill believes that “the workplace isn’t the place to express wild individuality - you are there to do a job not to sport the latest catwalk look”.

“Muted make-up, tidy facial hair, tasteful jewellery and a neat hairstyle can all help in climbing the corporate ladder,” she concludes.